Big Sean met up with the last MVP not named LeBron James for an adidas-sponsored event to perform his song “Beware.” Derrick Rose explained how good he felt to be returning for another NBA season, and Big Sean added how great it was to be paired with legends. Buuuut, that’s pretty much the story of Big Sean’s career, like a rap Scottie Pippen minus the Hall Of Fame part. Hat tip to GWHH.


 |  September 3, 2008

Looks like MJ the God has upset the American Cancer Society by being snapped with a heavy duty cigar hanging out of his mouth. The ACS are worried that like anything Jordan touches this will be an influence on the youth of today and they are not wrong there. With lung cancer patients increasing every year in the US by approx 175,000 it is understandable why the ACS expect better from high profile celebs when in the public eye really.

Jordan looks like he is pulling a lil too hard on that bad boy too on the pic.