NY court rooms just can’t seem to get rid of Foxy Brown. This past Tuesday, Inga was cleared of the charges she was facing for allegedly mooning her neighbor Arlene Raymond, during an argument last July because Raymond refused to testify and no longer wanted to press charges. Instead of celebrating or being thankful like a sane person would do, her attorney Salvatore Strazzullo announced Foxy’s idea to sue the city of New York, the New York Police Department and District Attorney’s office for “malicious prosecution.”

First of all I doubt Foxy can even spell “malicious prosecution” let alone understand what it means, and if the neighbor dropped the charges when can I ask did this “malicious prosecution” take place? If you aren’t sold on how delusional Foxy is yet, her explanation of why her neighbor would make such a thing up should cement it for you.

“Its rooted in jealousy, it’s a [scary] thing like borderline obsession….Someone wants to be you and have the life I worked very hard for.”

I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe anyone could be jealous of a grown woman who’s defense during an altercation is mooning the other person.

You know that saying “it takes one to know one,” well I finally understand it now because it’s apparent her lawyer is just as nuts as she is. Strazzullo bragged of how confident he was in Foxy’s innocence due to his “ace in the hole” alibi…“Our big ace in the hold is she (Brown) wasn’t wearing any underwear,” Strazzulo told the Daily News this would clear her name since the reported said the neighbor was exposed to Foxy’s underwear clad buttocks.

Nothing but class.


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