Aubrey can’t get out of our heads this week. He’s on every show talking about the album and his new lease on life. Sounding like a motivational speaker out here. Ellen grilled him on his dating life, popping up pictures of various rumored flings and Drake swatted them like David Ortiz. Of Rihanna? Watch.


 |  August 6, 2008

And who said money can buy you whatever you want? Looks like Sean Combs is having issues with securing relationships with all the media attention he gets. The Bad Boy spoke out in a recent interview saying that because he is linked to so many different women it can actually interfere with the women that he really wants to be talking to. Now is this for real or is this just a cover up for his alleged relationship with Cassie? It was only last week that there rumors the two were secretly engaged. Either way, poor Diddy, I guess the old saying of it being tough at the top is true after all.Maybe he needs to check out this dating agency, sure he could find someone for himself on there who is looking to hook up with someone who is more interested is his bank balance than who he is linked todiddy/cassie