The mystery heightens. Here’s new music from emerging lyrical brightness Y.O.D. also known as The Guy People Can’t Tell Is Nas Or Not. The song’s art work also hints at the first appearance of the elusive Droog, who has people so convinced he is Nas that they make angry internet videos against anyone who believes otherwise. This interpolation of “The Message” gives a clearer view of him as a distinct artist, even with the God’s Son flow hanging all over his body. Check it after the jump.
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R. Les Drops “Wanna Be Good”

 |  July 30, 2008

In my last post about Ryan Leslie, I told you all a little about how he got into the game and where he plans to go in the near future. With his self-titled debut album nearing its release on September 16th, Ryan is utilizing the Interweb to full effect. His latest track is called “Wanna Be Good,” which you can download below. Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the Harvard grad of R&B.  ryan-leslie-2.jpgRyan Leslie – “Wanna Be Good”   

Ryan Leslie 2Ryan Leslie, the famed Harvard grad of Hip-Hop/R&B is busy preparing his debut, which is slated to drop September 16th. The first single off the album, “Diamond Girl,” came way back in 2007 and was followed by the Fabolous and Cassie-assisted “Addicted.” After years of being the behind-the-scenes producer for Diddy, the soulful R. Les brings his modern twist to R&B, and he’s got the music world heavily anticipating his self-titled album. To see his work, look up his extensive library of homemade videos on YouTube here, and check out his latest single, “Break this Down,” here.