Here’s a blast from the past. Recorded way back in 1995, Raekwon has decided it’s now suitable to remix this oldie but goodie classic. Traveling back in time Rae jumps on Faith Evans’ 1995 classic, “You Used to Love Me” and polishes off the dust with a fresh, new verse. Rae has been blessing fans with these #TBT tracks and his remix of “You Used to Love Me” is a welcome addition. Check it after the jump.

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 |  August 21, 2008

Looks like Faith Evans is ready to talk on one about her involvement with Tupac in her new book. The incident that encouraged Tupac to insinuate that he had infact messed around with Biggies then wife on camera will be cleared up by Faith who has always denied any physical involvement with her late husbands nemesis.

According to the autobiography, Tupac did proposition Evans on more than one occasion but Faith refused all advances validating Faith’s theory that Tupac was using her name in his war against Biggie. Her book is in stores now. faith