in case you consume rap in music form, or have things like a job or an education, you may have missed the EPIC TWITTER RANT gucci mane used to light up the night skies. it was a phenomenal display of poetry. a comma-heavy and error-prone testimony. a cry for help. a laugh — out loud. no one knows what caused the designer-named rapper (street alias ‘guwop’) to go in on his peers, but something seemed amiss from the start. rather than parse the details, we boiled this down to its bone and gristle for the uninformed. enjoy!

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 |  September 2, 2008

Yes I know, it is a really slow news day as it so often is after a holiday, but we have to give you something to read. Anyhow my sources in Atlanta tell me that Fantasia and Young Dro are no longer  couple. So much for all those reports of them being engaged. Must admit, they were quite Dro and fannya cute couple when you see them in this pic.