As part of the “Fu*k, That’s Delicious” series we’ve already watched Queens rapper/food connoisseur Action Bronson pig out on barbecue, sweets, and even eat in places like London and South Africa. And now in the latest installment we find Bronsolino eat his way through New Orleans (which includes fried chicken and lamb). Check out the video after the jump.

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As part of the Munchies ongoing “Fu*k, That’s Delicious” series, Action Bronson returns with his aunt to teach the viewers at home how to make Albanian pastries. These pastries, known as börek, are typically stuffed with meat and onions. Don’t know how to make them? Don’t fret, Mr. Wonderful will happily show you. Watch the video after the jump to learn from Bronsolino himself.

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Blue Chips 2: Translating Action Bronson

 |  November 4, 2013

i can’t front like i ain’t say ‘white ghostface‘ dismissively when i first heard action bronson. first off, that’s a great idea, ghostfaces of all colors and weight classes. second, the only way the King Of Opulence could be rendered more intriguing is to tell that tale from the perspective of someone really familiar with fine living: a white dude.
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 |  August 15, 2008

He might be a beast on the court, but it looks like Dwayne Wade is going to end up in court as his business partners for a chain of failed restaurants begin suing the Olympic basketball player for $25 million. The two business partners who had hoped to open up to 20 restaurants throughout America with the help of using D Wades name and having the Heat star turn up to the sports bars/eateries every year have since the first one opened done nothing but lose money.They are implying that this is due to the sport stars failure to honor his marketing and promotion duties which were allegedly included in the contracts drawn up when the company was founded.

Better get your check book ready DW. dwade