Sir Hndrxx?

Elton John’s musical influence and legacy have been long cemented over the course of his storied career. The voice and hands behind such hits as “Rocket Man” and “Tiny Dancer,” Elton John’s impact extends past just his iconic tracks and permeates the musical ethos at large.

A known trend-setter, Elton’s expansive ascendancy has made him an ally of hip-hop, having lauded Young Thug for his fierce originality and talent, and even blessing Thugger’s incorporation of “Rocket Man” on his On The Rvn EP cut, “High.” Now, the knighted legend has endorsed another member of hip-hop’s omnipresent trap community: Thug’s good friend and collaborator, Future.

This past Sunday (April 7th), Future shared a picture of him and Sir Elton on his Instagram, saying the two had just left the studio together. “Me and my brother @eltonjohn leaving the studio. Love is love,” Future captioned.

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Me and my brother @eltonjohn leaving the studio. Love is Love

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While Hndrxx is currently working on his The Wizard follow-up, and given this recent IG post, it’s entirely plausible that Elton John’s name might appear this next project.

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