Girl Talk Feeds the Animals

 |  August 28, 2008

Mash-up machine DJ Girl Talk has recently dropped his fourth album, Feed the Animals. The album features over 200 samples and gets into everything from DJ Unk to Radiohead. It’s pretty amazing, and whether you just want to appreciate the craft of a crazy creative DJ or need a party playlist, you need to get this.


Everything is rhythmic and crafted amazingly – it should definitely encourage DJ’s worldwide to get on their job. On his website,, Girl Talk is pulling a Radiohead by letting fans either pay $0.00, up to however much they want to get the album.



If you want to support the DJ, go to the website and donate some cash and even get the physical copy. If you’re interested in getting it for $Free.99, download it below, and enjoy. 



Girl Talk – Feed the Animals