Team MellowHype unveils the 2nd single from their INSA album. The Odd Future cohorts may be the best at pairing quirky fun visual displays with crazy beats. Hodgy Beats takes center stage on the song, with some acrobatic verses to go with the jumpy cartoon feel. Check the video after the jump.
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Video: Odd Future Pop-Up Shop Tour

 |  September 22, 2013

The Kids Are All Right. Odd Future is spreading their special brand of love and merchandise all over the globe. The Wolf Gang is full of characters, like a rap Sesame Street, and their loyalists can’t get enough of the beaming, oddball personalities that come with the package. Be sure to check for them in a town near you. Guaranteed positive feedback.

On May 13th, Odd Future stormed into the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan and took control of the stage….and the crowd. From OFWGKTA wreaking havoc on stage to Tyler and company diving into the crowd, we’ve got it all on film.