Slum Village is back with their first project since last year’s Dirty Slums.  For those following the group from it’s inception, the only original member left in SV is T3.  Slum Village now consists of T3, J Dilla’s brother, Illa J, and Young RJ.  Dirty Slums 2 is hosted by Mick Boogie and features guest appearances from Rapper Big Pooh, Guilty Simpson, Joe Scudda, Fat Ray, and Clear Soul Forces. Read More

six-degrees-blog-cover.jpgEverywhere you go, you always run the big risk of people getting the wrong idea about you. Even though appearance shouldn’t be a factor, it usually determines how people judge you in the end.

You can be a loving husband and the sole provider for your family, but if someone like a Wall Street broker sees you wearing a pair baggy jeans, and Air Force One’s coming his way; he’s more likely to clutch his briefcase so tight—his hands will develop more calluses than a construction worker.

In this edition of Six Degrees Of Separation [Click for other editions], the subject of being misunderstood by way off misconceptions comes into play with Ruste Juxx, The Knux’s Krispy Kream and Rah Al Millio, DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples, Illa J (the younger brother of J Dilla), and Detroit’s Trick Trick all discussing their own point of views on the matter. Now lets see if you can relate… [Click on names for individual interviews] Would you say that you’re misunderstood at times, and if so, what’s the biggest misconception about you?

the-knux-1.jpgKrispy Kream: That we grew up in the suburbs, and since we’re not two ‘hood mothaf*ckas that you won’t be feeling our sh*t. But we’ll still knock you the f*ck out, and that’s pretty much the biggest misconception…

Rah Al Millio: [Laughing] That’s like the BIGGEST one right there…

jux.jpgRutse Juxx: Some people think that I’m this big 6’7” dude before they see me. A lot of people are like, “Yeah, I thought you’d be bigger!” I guess they that think that way because of my voice…

illa.jpgIlla J: I think what’s crazy is that I love basketball… Music was always a part of my life, and it was something that was just there anyways. It started from birth, but my first passion was basketball—I LOVE BASKSETBALL! [Laughing] That’s my sport right there…

babu.jpgDJ Babu: I guess one of the biggest misconceptions about me that I’ve been trying to work out for over the past few years is that I can only get busy on the turntables… But I’m hoping that people will soon find out that I get behind the boards, and that I do get down with MC’s. People just know me for my DJ’ing background, and being with Dilated [Peoples] and Beat Junkies for years. But I’m ready to show people what I’ve been working hard at…

trick-trick-1.jpgTrick Trick: People think I be starting sh*t. People think I’m this super violent tyrant, and sh*t starting monster. But if you ask me, I’m more of a comedian. Even though I’m 6’3” and 250lbs, I’m from the same streets as these mothaf*ckas, or the same ones they claim they grew up in—but I’ll still f*ck you up. But I would rather laugh all day then beat the sh*t out of people. Whenever I f*ck somebody up, it just manages to get publicized.

So the people just take that and run with it, and think I’m just a sh*t starting murderer, but that’s not the case. If you die by my hands, you done f*cked up, and I ain’t never did something to somebody that they didn’t have it coming to them. So I think that’s the biggest thing right there. I might be an asshole, but that’s it… [Laughing]

Illa J Drops “We Here”

 |  August 26, 2008

After J Dilla’s untimely death a few years back, there’s been much speculation as to who would carry on the legacy. DJ Mick Boogie used some of his tracks and did a mixtape with Busta Rhymes, which was a pretty nice big-up, but since then there hasn’t been anything too major, besides some unreleased tracks produced by Dilla for MF Doom and Ghostface. Now, Dilla’s little brother is apparently carrying on the Yancey tradition and is rapping over big brother’s tracks. The latest is entitled “Illa J,” available for download below. The album is entitled “Yancey Brothers,” I believe. Let us know what you think if little man is worthy of the great one’s tracks.


Illa J – “We Here”(produced by J Dilla)

To Preview Track Click Here