Summer is right around the corner so prepare for a ton of tracks popping up on the ‘net that give off a “banger” or “cruising” vibe. So far it looks like Rich Homie Quan’s “Flex” cut may be in the early lead for summer 2015 anthem but Plies recruits “Hot N***a” producer Jahlil Beats for “Dayum!” which also has that summer feel to it. Also, this is probably one of those rare Plies posts. Crazy how you don’t hear about him more often. Anyway, check out “Dayum!” from Plies after the jump.

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The art to making a good Hip-Hop song is a very simple equation. Good lyrics plus a good beat equals perfection—or a “banger” as some might call it. This is a formula that has eluded many, and ultimately lead to their demise, in this “here today, gone tomorrow” industry. Read More

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