Well can’t say I didn’t expect to hear this, but  Juelz and his crew are denying his bling getting stolen while in London to perform saying the only reason police escorted him and his entourage from the hotel in which they were staying was not for safety as previously reported but for making a noise. Damn the UK police are doing that now? Cutting rappers some slack when they make enought noise to get kicked out of a hotel. Normally you just walk past them and they arrest your ass  just ask Snoop about that.floyd

However over in Las Vegas, boxer Floyd Mayweather allegedly reported to police that  someone had robbed his house taking with them his $7 million collection of jewelry. mayweatherwho announced his retirement from boxing in June of this year had never been beaten in his professional boxing career of 39 professional fights


 |  August 13, 2008

OK so it turns out that the situation between Lil Wayne and a New Orleans jeweler has been resolved amicably. Weezy had purchased a ring and a chain costing over $160,000 but had only paid the jeweler $24,000 and had agreed to pay the remainder of the balance off monthly(Obviously on a Cash Money Layaway Plan) Anyhow turns out that the agreement will see Weezy hand back over the $138,000 ring and the reweezyminder of the cash.