|  August 1, 2008

Listen to what Ms. Wallace and the Directors of the up and coming biopic movie have to say about what effect Jamal Woolard AKA Gravy had when he auditioned for the part of Christopher Wallace. The movie has actually wrapped now should be hitting the big screens in January of next year features a varied cast who have been working closely with the people who they depict in the movie. Sean Combs, Faith Evans, Wayne Barrow and Lil Cease have all been on hand to help coach the respective actors and actresses in their roles.BiggieThe movie which has been written by Cheo Hodari Coker and Reggie Rock Blythewood has been in the works for over three years now. One of the biggest obstacles faced was filling the role of the Notorious BIG. Thousands of Biggie hopefuls turned up at the various castings throughout the country but it was only when Brooklyn rapper Gravy turned up did the production crew finally feel that they had their leading man.Sean Kingston, the young protege of JR Rotem had said in an interview last year that he was actually  playing the role of Biggie, but this was denied by Fox Searchlight and the production team. It was shortly after this that Gravy was cast. Gravy is no stranger to being in the spotlight after being shot on the way to Hot 97 to do an interview with Funk Master Flex back in 2006. The rapper who attended the interview and was then taken to St Vincents Hospital in NYC was later banned from the Hot 97 studios due to the shooting.