Everyone’s favorite hot fire spitter returns with a freestyle over Stay Scheming. If he isn’t among your Top 5 rappers already, don’t expect things to change after hearing his latest work. I hope this dude has a day job. Hit the jump to see Dave Chapelle’s hilarious Making The Band parody. Read More

As he boasts about his so called sexual stamina in interviews, Diddy has welcomed back to his Making the Band crew the choreographer who he went to throw a chair at in the last series of the show..Laurie Ann Gibson. Chica is saying that it was purely a business move to go back to work with Diddy but it has probably put an end to the charges that she filed against him because of the altercation.

The couple will be appear to reunite on the show next week. Get out the tissues lol.  Is this down to ‘stamina’ or money I wonder kiss and make upkiss and make up