|  September 11, 2008

Looks like Brooklyn’s Don Diva is ready to get back to some serious work, well if you can call performing at BB Kings in NYC serious work that is. Foxy who spent eight months in prison on a variety of charges will be sharing the bill with Big Daddy Kane and Roxanne Shante. Not sure what to think of that line up really…Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shante and Foxy Brown with special guest Spraga Benz doesn’t really sound right to me for some reason.

But anyhow good to see Mami getting herself back out there. The show at the midtown bar and grill is set for this coming Saturday at 8 pm.foxy

If you are on the net every day checking the sites, catching up on the lies and gossip circulating, chances are you have seen, heard or read about our next IHIPHOP Introduction. Donny Goines took home a UMA this year for biggest buzz, showing that his constant work really is paying off.

REPRESENTING: I represent the people of this Hip Hop culture. Artists like myself
are the new generation and it won’t be long before the tides change.
My music speaks for the communities that are not represented in the
mainstream and at the end of the day I rap for them.

INVOLVED IN MUSIC:Seriously about two and a half years now. I started back in January of
2006 and once I decided this is what I wanted to do I never looked
back. In this relatively short period of time I have accomplished many
things and the best is yet to come.

IF YOU WEREN’T RAPPING WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? Probably getting drunk or high somewhere wasting my life away at a bullshit 9 to 5. Before music I had no real motivation or passion do
anything worthwhile. Although I’ve had many jobs, careers, etc.nothing
I did ever really made me happy so I would just go through the motions
and get wasted on my off time. That’s exactly what many people do and
I would still be doing had it not been for music.

CD/DIGITAL-ONLINE/PRINT, YOUR TAKE ON THE WEB: CD, Online and Good. That’s the short version haha. Here’s the realanswer. The internet has leveled the playing field and in this day in
age when everything is at the tip of your fingers the music business
has changed. Now instead of waiting weeks for that new magazine to hit
the stands, in one press of a button you can read about the artist
instantly on any blog or website. Why go to the store and purchase a
album that only has one or two good songs when you can buy ringtone
from your home? Instead of mailing out CDs to A&R’s you can find their
Myspace page and contact them directly with your music and save on the
postage stamps. It’s the future and the Internet is the key to it all
right now. Once you have that, you have the world at your fingertips.

HANG OUTS: I am from the Hood U.S.A. It’s just like any other hood I suppose.
Specifically tho, I live in Harlem. I go right to the Africans to cope
me a clean white tee, then the McDonald’s down the block or if I’m in
the mood the Soul food joints on 125th. I hang out right on the
benches scattered across my block or sit on the curb if there full.
This is where you can find me. In the hood.


SONG: At the moment my favorite song would have to be California Dreaming by
the Mamas and Papas.

VIDEO: Juicy by Biggie.

PRODUCER: DJ Static (don’t worry, you’ll know
that name soon enough).

CONCERT: I have never been to a concert in my life and
once I decided I wanted to rap chose not to attend any until I’m
performing at one.

MOVIE: One of my most favorite movies is Awakenings starring
Robert De Niro and Robin Williams (Close second would be Leaving Las

BOOKS: My favorite books are by James Patterson (The Alex Cross

THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP IS: Artists such as myself. Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Mickey Factz, Torae, Kidz
in the Hall, AC, APinks, Jon Hope, Termanlogy, Esso, Nina B, The Cool
Kids, Rain, Sic Osyrus, Farrah Burns, Sav Kills, Homeboy the Sandman,
Fresh Daily, Emillo Rojas, Phase One, Gym Class Heroes, Drake,
Panama…….. I can keep going if you’d like haha.

The future of Hip Hop are all the MCs out there who are making good music.

**ELECTION FEVER** PLACE YOUR BETS: Neither. I don’t follow politics and none of the candidates really
impress me. One is just too old and the other is just hype as far as I
can see. When the smoke clears the the winner is in office, what he
does will make me a believer. For now all I hear is talk.

HIDDEN SECRETS: I listen to Danity Kane haha. I can’t get enough of that Damaged song
and they’re all hot.

TAKE ON THE INDUSTRY: Earning respect. Anyone can rap but to actually earn the respect of
people within this business is something that not many can achieve.
Ringtone sales, hit records, new dances won’t get you that. It’s your
actions as an artist that set you apart from the rest and if you are
lucky enough to earn your peers and the public’s respect then you will
never fade from the spotlight even after it dims.

To listen to a track from Donny click on the link below for Wordplay produced by DJ Static