Sorry, no new material here. The highly reclusive Jay Electronica may not be dropping new music any time (though he promised… on many occasions) but he is starring in an upcoming film. The film in question, Into the Light, directed by Jason Goldwatch and produced by Mass Appeal, will be released in 2015 and is of the experimental variety. Meaning the plot synopsis isn’t quite clear, but what really is with Jay Elec nowadays? Watch the trailer for Into the Light after the jump.

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“Act Of Valor” Trailer

 |  October 17, 2011

Want to be a SEAL without getting shot? This is as close as you’ll get. Act of Valor is a movie starring all real Navy SEALs with real modern weapons and tactics. The idea for the movie, which originally started as a training video, spiraled into a full film that will make terrorists shake in their caves. We should just play this on jumbo-trons all over the middle east, war-over. The film’s release is set for February 17th, stay tuned for more info.


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