|  July 28, 2008

Troubled Amy Winehouse has all cameras on her yet again after literally having a major breakdown in the middle of Camden where she currently resides. The spectacle came after the Back to Black singer was being protected by a friend from cameras. Amy, who actually has quite a good relationship with the paparazzi that follow her in packs everywhere had until the friend came a long been enjoying the attention of the ‘flashing lights.’

However after her friend tried to shelter her, Amy punched a shop wall, ripping off a finger nail (??) and then collapsedamy to the ground in hysterics. A statement made by her Father Mitch, who has been condemned by the media for responding to every move made by his daughter, said she was fine however this morning. He went on to agree with Winehouse’s incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder-Civil that she needs to move out of Camden and live in the country to encourage her to quit her issues with drinking and substance abuse.