Young Jeezy: The Recession Album Review

 |  September 13, 2008

young_jeezy-2960.jpgThe ball is still bouncing in Young Jeezy’s court as he dropped his third studio album, The Recession. Jeezy completely took a different approach in The Recession then his first two albums, Thug Motivation 101 and The Inspiration. The Recession focuses more on the economy and the decline society is in. But Jeezy still is able to throw in his hustla tracks in to album.

The album starts with a collage of some 2008 news reports where America is going broke and is in a recession. Jeezy enters with his trademark raspy southern voice preaching the drought the nation is going through.

As you press next, Jeezy gets your blood boiling with “Welcome Back” and follows it up with a clever hook in “By the Way.”

“Circulate” is perfect track in which Jeezy raps about economy stating “Nothing going up but the rent.”

Jeezy carries a savy attitude in “What They Want” and carries a smooth harmony to “Everything” featuring buttery smooth Anthony Hamilton and Lil’ Boosie.

In his second single “Vacation” Jeezy stresses that he needs a vacation, relating to the average Joe.

And yes, Jeezy drops classical beats on this album but not as many as he did in Thug Motivation 101 and The Inspiration. “Amazin”, “Who Dat”, “Get Allot”, and his first single “Put On” are few to list.

Jeezy even puts his attention to politics and showing his support for presidential candidate Barack Obama as in “Crazy World” and “My President” with special guest Nas.

This is by far the best lyrical album Young Jeezy has put out. Young Jeezy proved with The Recession that he is one of the elite rappers in the south and more importantly the nation.