Looks like Mobb Deep signed with RED Distribution to put out their 9th album.  Do people want a new Mobb Deep album in 2011/2012?  I consider myself a big Mobb Deep/Prodigy fan however right now I’m also all for the #LetTheseYoungBoysCook movement.  Hopefully I’m wrong and the album is well received.  According to MTV:

The Infamous is back in the house once again. MTV News has learned that Mobb Deep have signed their Infamous Records with RED Distribution, the independent distribution system of Sony Music. Havoc and Prodigy will drop their self-titled ninth album as well any others that they sign and any film projects they choose to take on under the new deal.

“After almost 20 years in this industry, it was inevitable for us to take matters into our own hands. We feel that RED is the perfect home for our brand,” Prodigy said in a press release. “We know who our fans are and what they want from Mobb Deep. We’re excited to take a new step in our career,” Havoc added.