Young Thug is one of rap’s most polarizing figures — you either love him or you hate him. But either way you cut it, it doesn’t matter to Thug. This 23-year-old Atlanta rapper has love for himself, and it’s evermore evident in the visuals for his latest song, “Best Friend,” which finds Thug hanging out hooking up with his himself, being his own driver, and uhh, meal, too. Craziness. Frankly, if you’ve been paying attention you’d know Thug has yet to disappoint (musically, speaking) and it appears as though his forthcoming mixtape with London on da Track, Slime Season, won’t either. Check out the visuals for Young Thug’s “Best Friend” after the jump.

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After dropping his all-around great retail mixtape Barter 6 a few weeks back (read my review here) Young Thug returns with some new heat. “Love Me Forever” finds Thugger reunited with ATLien producer London on da Track and although it’s uncertain whether or not this track will appear on Thug’s forthcoming debut album HiTunes this track is sure to give fans something to enjoy in the meantime. Check out Young Thug’s “Love Me Forever” after the jump.

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 Turkey      iHiphop.com and Three Thug Mice present a Thanksgiving short:The newest installment in the rapidly growing viral/web-based animated short series.  For those not yet in the know, Three Thug Mice is the brainchild of Lower-East Side animator/artist and creative mind Steve Marcus.  Combining elements of hip-hop, shady, grimy and grittystreets circa 1980s New York, rodents and crime (read: all the thingswe love about NYC), Marcus has crafted an episodic of daily life inthe hood.  Rife with bright colors, fresh music, witty quips and surlycharacters, Three Thug Mice is a celebration of the creative energythat was bottled up in the ghettos of New York during the time whenhip-hop came of age, and is still present today.Featuring a truly all-star cast of characters that rivals any”urban” television programming, and some big-budget Hollywood films, ThreeThug Mice has secured an eclectic assortment of vocal volunteers tocontribute characters to the series.  The main characters Vic, Tik andBrik (think the guys who would have been mugging Bert & Ernie on theirwalk home from the subway to Sesame Street) are voiced by rap legendsKool G Rap and R.A. The Rugged Man and NYC Graffiti king Min One.With supporting roles farmed out to everyone from M-1 (Dead Prez),Nipsey Hussle, Tek (Smif-N-Wessun), Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son)and Pistol Pete (legendary enforcer for Big Pun + Fat Joe and founderof Kill All Rats Entertainment) to James Duval (from Donnie Darko) andAshley Blue (award-winning Adult Video star), Three Thug Mice truly isa world unto itself.  Stop wasting your time above ground at your deskjob and check out the underground world of Three Thug Mice. Support the Hood, not Hollywood. Check out www.ThreeThugMice.com And don’t forget to shoot some pigs in the Three Thug Mice video game below, just press start to pop off some shots.