Well not that the so called crown that Weezy holds is really that credible…greatest rapper alive just doesn’t fit right for the Cash Money die hard. But Weezy needs to be on guard becasue in the UK on Friday night, Kanye West gave possibly one of the best performances of his life at the Global Gathering Festival, where he headlined the UKs annual dance festival.

Taking a somewhat humble role in front of the 25,000 crowd, as he performed, Touch the Sky, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Gold Digger and All Falls Down, Kanye thanked the crowd with “Thank you for joining me tonight on my quest to become the number one artist in the world.” Yeah Kanye is not just looking to be the greatest rapper alive, he is looking a bit further a field than that. And with performances like that and his ego in check (for once) it looks like he could be a serious contender for that role. Kanye


 |  July 24, 2008

The iconic songstress Chaka Khan recently talked about her upbringing in a recent interveiw with a UK newspaper. The ten time Grammy winner explained that she was raised in quite a liberal household stating that “My father and I used to smoke weed together. It probably wasn’t a good thing, but my father was a hippy and that was back in the day when a lot of parents were of the opinion that they should provide their kids with whatever they experimented with.”

Chaka is in the UK promoting her recent album Funk This which was released in the US in September last year. chaka

Songstress and American Boy lover Estelle has been nominated for this years prestigious Mercury Award for her album Shine. She and eleven others were selected to go head to head by an independent panel of judges. Also up for the award, the winner of which will be announced on September 9th are Adele and Radiohead.

Shine is the sophomore album from the West London singer, released in March of 2008 with the second single from the project American Boy, feat Kanye West, hitting the top spot on the UK charts through downloads alone.

Estelle is no stranger to awards having already been nominated for a BET award this year for Best Newcomer and with various UK Hip-Hop Awards and a MOBO under her belt. Estelle