|  August 22, 2008

Not quite sure how true this is, but a source has informed me that Jay Z might be appearing with Oasis when they hit the road in the UK on October 7th. It was Oasis member Noel Gallagher who openly voiced his disapproval of Jigga being the main act at Glastonbury this year, only to go a head and say that his comments were totally taken out of context after the Marcy projects rapper gave a stellar performance appreciated by the 100,000 audience at the festival in June this year.

The Oasis tour which will see the Manchester based band play 18 shows was sold out within an hour of tickets going on sale. Jay Z has allegedly since spoke with Oasis, whose track Wonderwall went straight back into the charts after Jay opened his set at Glastonbury singing the 1995 Number one, since his performance at the annual festival. So it wouldn’t really come as a surprise if Jigga was to come out on stage anyway at one of their shows, just hope he brushes up on his singing and guitar skills before hand. jigga