Tee’s got some stuff to get off his mental.

A large part of Tee Grizzley’s allure emanates from his palpable authenticity, from his unflinching recollections of his compromised adolescence. It’s these very stories that made his debut album, My Moment, so gripping — specifically on tracks like “No Effort” and “First Day Out.”

And while he proudly boasts his bravado, Tee also isn’t afraid to expose the other, traumatic side of this unfortunate coin to deliver a well-rounded picture. Today, the Detroit MC has come through with a track cut from this cloth on “Locked Up.”

Spilling his heart over wax, Tee vulnerably discusses the cloudy thoughts affecting his psyche. From discussing incarcerated family members to the pothole-ridden road to success, and even the loss of his father, the Activated rapper uses “Locked Up” as a what sounds like a much-needed therapy session.

In seemingly stream-of-conscious written verses, Tee bears his soul into the mic.

Listen to “Locked Up” below: