The divisive rapper had an important court hearing today.

Like today’s 24-hour media reporting, the dynamic news cycle surrounding Tekashi 6ix 9ine never rests. Whether he’s engaging in social media beefs, letting his nuts hang, trolling, or laughing his way up the Billboard charts, he’s a news fixture. Recently, he’s been dominating headlines for new reasons: quitting, or taking a break from, music.

Yesterday, it was reported that he would be attending a court hearing today that could potentially result in a three-year prison sentence. No official update has been made, but if 6ix 9ine’s recent social media activity is of any indication, it’s not looking too bright for the “GUMMO” rapper.

Today, Tekashi deleted all of his Instagram content. Ironically, there’s one post left, from his management, announcing the release of his newest track, “GOTTI”, with a caption that reads, “MANAGEMENT: TEKASHI WONT BE BACK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. HE’S DECIDED TO RELEASE THE OFFICIAL AUDIO TO GOTTI TODAY FOR YOU GUYS, LINK IS IN HIS BIO. WE’LL UPDATE YOU GUYS ON HIS BEHALF FOR THE TIME BEING. GO LISTEN TO GOTTI NOW! LINK IN HIS BIO. HE LOVES YOU GUYS! #69”.

The jury is still out–as far as we’re concerned–on his legal future. But for now, bump the new Tekashi 6ix 9ine below: