Don’t let headlines and the media fool you–Tekashi is for the people.

So often the media portrays an exaggerated version of the celebrity at hand–a caricature, if you will. For better or worse, most often worse, this erroneous representation misleads the population to believe that the individual is a demonized version of themselves, incapable of imparting any good will.

A consistent victim of this is the polarizing Tekashi 6ix9ine who, with some help from himself, is frequently portrayed negatively, and is seen as more of a villain than hero. However, much to people’s surprise, Tekashi enjoys contributing to his community and spreading positivity. Whether he’s giving out cash to people in the slums of Mexico or trying to instill confidence in the youth, Tekashi does care. The most recent evidence of his altruism is the trip he made to visit a terminal five-year-old boy battling brain cancer.

In the video, Tekashi can be seen playing with the kid, Franklin, speaking with him, and doing his best to help this unfortunate child live out his dream of meeting the “GUMMO” rapper.

Tekashi has always been for the people–this is just more evidence.

Watch the video of Tekashi and Franklin below: