That Crazy LA Rap Music

 |  October 8, 2010

I have been acting like a fanboy for the LA rap scene for a minute now.  However, the music I’m focusing on today is some sort of weird sub genre of rap.  The music is just really graphic.

This Earl Sweatshirt character dropped this crazy video awhile back.  The video consists of mixing up a bunch of drugs and alcohol in a blender and then skating mixed in with a lot of blood and injuries.  I dono if this is true, but I heard that after Earl’s parents saw this video they sent him to Military School.

Earl Sweatshirt “EARL”



Then we got a track from Wolf Haley & Hodgy Beats who formed a group entitled Odd Future.  This song is just nuts.  I think they are connected to Earl because there is a line in the joint that goes “free Earl, that’s the f*ckin sh*t/and if you disagree suck a couple pimple covered dicks

Plus hit Fader to check out this pronominal artwork for this single.  I like how one of the MC’s mentions that he doesn’t want to be categorized as horrorcore because horrorcore sucks and while this music is very graphic its dope.

Odd Future (Wolf Haley & Hodgy Beats) “Sandwitches”