|  December 31, 2008













One of the most popular columns on the site this year has been Guess Who. Even though it averages thousands of views there are only a few of y’all that do actually take the time out to guess just who the ass belongs too person is, but for the loyal followers of the column it wouldn’t be right if 2008 came to an end and we didn’t pay homage to some of the assets that y’all have taken a peek at more than once.


These ladies come in no particular order as they all got their shine, sometimes on more than one occasion, here on the site during the last year, so for your enjoyment


angelsAngel Lola Love – her recent attempt at breaking the stereotypical video girl mode may have proved unsuccessful as she is no threat to what few femcees there are out there, but one thing for sure is Lola and her highly controversial booty have caused plenty of heads to turn. Maybe Wonder Woman really is the way to go for her.



























serena1Serena Williams – Linked to Common, Serena has never failed to cause mouths to open when she reveals her curves on either the tennis court or the beach. The better looking Williams sister has made it on Guess Who more than once this year, but it was this shot on the beach that had views for days when her and her boo were taking some time out.serena2



















khia1Khia – Not much can be said about the Hood’s favorite Agony Aunt. Having tried to solve the problems of Hood Magazine’s readers, Khia has ranted at Diddy this year READ HERE, promised to outsell Lil Wayne READ HERE and yet she is still showing just a lil too much flesh. But fair play stretch marks and all she made the cut. khia2

































coco1CoCo – there is not much of this chick we haven’t seen period. The wife of Ice T, the notorious CoCo has been crowned the Queen of Guess Who with her pics hitting 10,000 plus views each. You can guarantee her calendar will be a welcomed addition to any hot blooded male’s wish list this year just as her magazine a firm fave in the Frat House CLICK HERE. Blonde and silicone still takes the crown it appears.coco2































deelishis1Deelishis – Boy has this chick dragged out her five minutes of fame. She was dumped by Flava Flav, put Busta on blast READ HERE and continued to adorn the covers of mens magazines showing off her derriere. Linked to a long list of men in the entertainment industry, Deelishis needs to make some moves in 2009 to make sure her relevancy prevails…or she can just continue to show her booty I guess.deelishis2