The Downsides Of A Major Label Deal…

 |  February 8, 2011

One thing that sucks about Wiz’s success is that he is signed to Atlantic Records, and they tend to constrict their artist’s creative freedom.  So instead of doing cool joints with the dudes who have been down since day 1 like Terrace Martin, Sledgren, Johnny Juliano or ID Labs, Atlantic makes Wiz do some uber ghey teeny bopper music or a forced Waka Flocka song (although that Too $hort joint is tough a f*ck).  I can’t be mad at Atlantic, bottom lines are f*cked up these days.  I just think they might be isolating Wiz’s cult fanbase that helped make him a monetizable entity in the first place.  Sometimes I get the vibe Atlantic is more concerned with bleeding Wiz’s notoriety for everything it’s worth in the short term as opposed to developing a highly valuable and sought after artist.

This was inspired by the last installment of Terrace Martin’s #DeviTerraceTuesday.

Terrace Martin ft Wiz Khalifa, Ty$ & Neka B “Go Get It”



Also scope this fire song Wiz & Terrace did long time ago (Wiz was still rapping about blunts), but only came out a couple months back.

Terrace Martin ft Wiz Khalifa & Overdoz “Roll Up”