The Kreayshawn Effect

 |  June 8, 2011


This whole Kreayshawn sh*t is bonkers.  As a blogger it was the first time I really covered someone right before they came out of nowhere to blow up overnight.  I really never expected it to happen that fast for her.  Not that I’m taking any credit for her success.  She is actually another perfect example of how hip-hop blogs aren’t that important in breaking artists.  Hip-Hop is changing.  It’s happening.  Regardless of if you like those changes.  The younger kids see things differently.  You have a white chick who is pretty much portraying herself as…well…black.   I would almost compare it to an NFL team calling themselves the Redskins.   Some people are not going to be pleased.  The difference is that the opposing sides are very much divided most notably by age.  Older people may be more inclined to see Kreayshawn negatively.  Younger people are more likely to watch her video while repeatedly saying the word “swag”.  That’s hip-hop in 2011.  The people in the music business are going to see dollar signs.  According to her Publicist Michelle McDevitt:

(June 8, 2011 – New York, NY) East Oakland native, visual artist, swag assassin, and undercat Kreayshawn (Kray-shawn) has officially signed with Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Kreayshawn mania has also made me re-evaluate some things.  I know the whole internet mixtape thing really went hard as a blasting off point for peoples careers for awhile.  However, now it almost seems like two really dope videos can get you farther than even a phenomenal composition of music.  I think there are good things and some bad things about that.  I’m also not so sure about the whole sign with a major right after you gain a little buzz move.  Sometimes someone might write the right number on a check and you gotta sign that piece of paper.  That being said the business is also changing and I think there is some value in being patient and figuring out exactly where you fit in.  It takes time for an artist to figure out exactly who they are, and how they want to portray themselves to their fans.  Because I’m willing to bet Kreayshawn is sitting somewhere realizing that all eyes are on her, and she has to bring it.  I gotta say, I can’t wait to see what happens…