The Weeknd Teases Marvel Collaboration

 |  October 2, 2017

This should be interesting.

The Weeknd is an engima. From his former haircut to his sometimes cryptic lyrics, the man is constantly shrouded in mystery. His latest, somewhat puzzling, Instagram post fuels this mystique.

Against a red backdrop stands a rectangularly-enclosed close-up of a man’s eyes drawn with comic book characteristics. It’s a longing gaze. For what, we’re not quite sure. All that was offered in conjunction with the picture was the caption, “Comic-Con New York || October 7th @marvel”.

We’re not quite sure how this collaboration will materialize, but with two powerhouse entities going forces, greatness will most likely ensue.

Check out New York’s Comic-Con to find out more behind this collaboration.

Comic-Con New York || October 7th @marvel

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