Three Thug Mice

 |  February 18, 2008

by AF

The Three Thug Mice, is a series of animated shorts set in the grimy
underbelly of the concrete jungle.  A ghetto saga of Vic, Tik and
Brik; three mice who are low-level criminals gnawing their way to the
top. From eating government cheese to making real cheddar we follow
the hysterical antics and brutal power-plays of our vermin

The Three Thug Mice is the brainchild of New York City’s famous
artist, Steve Marcus (  Marcus has been known to
describe the Mice as "Ghetto Disney" or "A hip-hop Fritz the Cat".
Marcus’ credo is "support the hood- not Hollywood" and stays true to
this by maintaining creative, publishing, and production control of
all of his characters.

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