Seeing the evolution of rap has never been easier with this collection of ol school hip hop clips,videos, cyphers, and interviews. .

Ol Dirty Bastard Drunken YO! MTV Raps Freestyle

. . This clip from  Yo! MTV Raps is no secret and has gotten its fair share of watches over the years, but how could we have a list of old hip-hop footage without it. Funny, impressive and swagged out at the same time, ODB was truly one of a kind. .

Cypher Featuring 50 Cent, Consequence, N.O.R.E., Punchline

. . Check out this throwback cypher featuring 50, Cons, Punchline and NORE. The whole cypher is fire especially 50's first turn and NORE's bilingual flow. Watch and see the real ish pre-stardom when it was just rapping. .

The Jaz and Jay-Z - The Originator (1990)

. . Check out Jaz and Jay-Z's "The Originators" from one of the best years of all time, 1990. Jay's still a string bean in this but shows why he deserves to be where he's at now, as one of the best of all time and still doin it over 20 years later. .

Roundtable Freestyle Featuring Canibus, Mos Def, Big Pun, DMX, John Forte, Mic Geronimo

. . Try not to let the sh*tty video quality ruin this sick clip of some of the legends of Hip-Hop sitting down together and spitting a few quick rhymes. Even without the spitting its dope to see so many notables together, especially dudes you wouldn't expect, like Mos and DMX. .

Juelz Santana Freestyle (Age 16)

. . Another dope throwback clip of Juelz kickin a freestyle in the presence of his Dipset crew. Supposedly Juelz is only 16 in this. Wish dude still spit like this today, we could use some new quality Diplomat tracks. .

Nikki Minaj "N.I.G.G.A.S."

. . Wow, who woulda known Nikki  is still this dope without the gimmicks? It's a shame she don't get back to this style and let the main stream turn her into a whiney teletubby. She shows her og side on this one. .

M.O.P. "Strollin Through Brownsville"

. . This runs through my head everytime I hear M.O.P. Check Lil Fame and Billy Danze walking around Brownsville at night while the goons start firing rounds into the sky. Mash Out Posse keeps it raw and hardcore. You don't see rappers puttin out YouTube videos like this anymore, now its skinny jeans and skateboards. .

Ol Dirty Bastard Birth Control PSA

. . Here's some more footage from the ODB with a funny ass minute and a half PSA on birth control. Dirt McGirt had 13 kids by the time he passed, so he is either the worst or best spokesman for birth control. Just look at how hard he wishes he f*cked with birth control, birth control, birth control...shi*tttt, birth control. .

Tupac Confronts Mean Muggin Little Kid

. . While Tupac is hangin on the block, someone steps to him with the mean mug, a toddler on the corner. Tupac shows his less serious side in this messing with a little kid who doesn't seem to be phased by him in the least. That kid's probably locked up by now. .

World Class Wreckin Cru With Dr. Dre (1984)

. . Damn this is hilarious, Dre, once a member of World Class Wreckin Cru as the DJ/Rapper tears it up 80's style in this clip wearing a red shiny outfit. This is definitely no N.W.A., good thing he traded the flamed out gear for all black in Compton. Skip to the 3:07 mark to watch Dre get on the mic. .

Kobe Bryant Rapping On Brian McKnight's "Hold Me" (1998)

. Results are in, Kobe's a better ball player than rapper, but probably better than Metta World Peace at both. Never knew this existed and I bet he wants it that way....skip to 2:39 to hear Kobe spit. .

Throwback Hip Hop Footage: Videos, Interviews and other random ish from back in the day