Looks like a nice life.

The Jenner – Kardashian clan has woven themselves into America’s pop-culture fabric. Scratch that–they are the seamstresses of America’s pop-culture fabric. Fashion trendsetters with a penchant for attracting paparazzi at their every turn, the women in the family are the apple of everyone’s eye: most girls want to be them, most guys want to be in them. Celebrating the impact of Kendall Jenner, and her illustrious and admirable lifestyle, Tory Lanez released the music video for his tributary song, “Kendall Jenner Music”.

Explaining why he chose that for the track’s title, Tory took to his IG with a terse yet clear reason: “BOSSY , CLASSY ,AND A WHOLE LOTTA PRIVATE JETS ✈️✈️ … that’s why I called this song #KendallJennerMusic😈 🔥😈🔥🤩”.

Watch the “Kendall Jenner Music” video below: