|  October 14, 2008

Dave Mays












There might be no mention of the shoot out that was alleged to have happened at the HHW offices in a recent statement made by Dave Mays but he sure addresses the topic of photographers not being paid by the publication for work that they have contributed.
Last week various paps and photographers made accusations against Mays and Benzino in regards to their business ethics, not that this is the first time we have heard any trash talking about the duo of course. Photographers implied that they were owed considerable amounts of money by the magazine and its owners and of course blogs and websites ran with the story as fast as Hussein Bolt because normally any rumors about these two and their company are more often than not…on point.
Well Mr Mays is now ready to take legal action for himself for all of us that commented on the underhand dealings that we are accustomed to.
This is what he said in a statement “All of the individual photographers involved in these complaints, who were actually owed money, have been paid in full. The total amount of money owed to these photographers was $1,900. Several photographers have invoices pending that are not yet due. It is extremely unfortunate that this situation was blown so far out of proportion over the internet, and that a lot of false and misleading information contained in some of the emails was published by various websites.
We will be looking at this situation closely over the next few days to identify and prosecute any defamatory activities.”