Trey Songz: The Chronic Groupie Lover

 |  April 27, 2011

So apparently as of late, Trey Songz has been relishing in groupie love. On his Love Faces 2011 Tour, he’s definitely been taking out ten to fifteen minutes out of his show to suck face with a random fan. Now don’t be surprised, he has definitely done this before at last year’s Summer Jam.  Now he’s definitely making an effort to incorporate this fun little activity into his shows.

Just recently in London, he was spotted puling up two girls on stage and just made out with them (you can watch the video below at the 5:00 mark).  No point to it all… it didn’t segue into a song of any relevance. I just think he’s taking his being famous (and extremely attractive) and using it for evil. The first time I saw it, I welcomed it. I mean, Drake had a moment like this. Nicki gives out lapdances to everyone and their mom but Trey just makes out with his fans… over and over and over AGAIN. Some say he’s living the dream, but we can all agree that sloppy seconds have never been attractive.

Interestingly enough, the fans in this video walked off the stage towards the back, as in V.I.P. section as in… he probably had a real menage after the show?!  Watch the video and check it out for yourself.