Tupac Alive & Well In New Zealand?

 |  May 31, 2011

The PBS series ‘Frontline’ recently did an episode on Wikileaks called ‘Wikisecrets’ that portrayed Wikileaks in a negative way, so some hackers decided to get even by hacking the PBS site and publishing a fake story about Tupac Shakur. LulzSec, the hacker group that have claimed responsibility for the hack, posted a story which stated that Tupac, who has been dead for umm, 15 years now, is actually alive and well and living it up down in New Zealand. Apparently he’s chilling with Biggie in this little New Zealand town that must remain unnamed for ‘security purposes’. Ummm. Did anyone actually fall for that?

I have to admit though, it is a pretty badass hack. They also posted a load of passwords and usernames for PBS.org IT administrators and users, as well login info for PBS television stations on Pastebin.com, the same website on which they claimed responsibility for the hack. They released the following statement:

“Greetings, Internets. We just finished watching WikiSecrets and were less than impressed. We decided to sail our Lulz Boat over to the PBS servers for further… perusing. As you should know by now, not even that fancy-ass fortress from the third shitty Pirates of the Caribbean movie (first one was better!) can withhold our barrage of chaos and lulz. Anyway, unnecessary sequels aside… wait, actually: second and third Matrix movies sucked too! Anyway, say hello to the insides of the PBS servers, folks. They best watch where they’re sailing next time.”

LulzSec have also claimed to have hacked Sony’s BMG Japan website and say that they will continue to do so. Spotted at Yahoo.