|  January 13, 2009


Usher Raymond is just like any other American having to deal with the consequences of a recession. The R&B sensation’s franchise, The Shop failed to reopen after the holiday period and according to Access Atlanta, the establishment which is wine store, wine retailer and a bistro combined did not reapply for its liquor license. The Shop opened in 2006 and Usher quite seriously saw himself spreading as far a field as Shanghai with the venture. See what a new wife and a couple of kids do for a man’s travel plans.
This recession is no joke kiddies. However so far it appears that Usher’s store didn’t go bankrupt like its parent company which filed chapter 11 last year. Get out before you’re thrown out I say. Also concerning money matters, our girl Fantasia worked out some deal in regards to her crib in North Carolina with the Florida loan company which she borrowed from preventing it from actually going under the hammer.