This is cool I guess.  I kind of like the behind the scenes video better though.  Em wins the video premiere battle though.  Also check an excerpt of Vultures interview with director Marco Brambilla.  He claims Dark Twisted Fantasy is a possible name for Yeezy’s new offering.



  • How much input did Kanye have?
    In preproduction, we had a lot of brainstorming sessions. Once we started production it became about how to execute it, so it was mostly in my studio and working with my postproduction people.

    So what’s Kanye like in real life?
    He has a charisma to him which is really compelling. Creatively, he really wants to take chances. He let me go as far as I wanted to go. It wasn’t like working with a music act or a video commissioned from a record label. He really thinks like an artist: The conversations were based on visual references, music references, and very little to do with the business side, the marketing side. As a musician, he expresses himself as an artist.

    And I understand you’ve heard that Dark Twisted Fantasy is the name of the album?
    I’ve heard that’s the latest name. I would say not locked-in, and it would probably not get locked until closer to the time of the album release.

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