Webbie Caught Riding Dirty…

 |  April 8, 2011

It seems like the Hip Hop police have been in full effect in recent weeks.  Whether your puffing an L in the privacy of your own hotel room or copping dome from a tranny in your car.  This was the case when Webbie was heading back home from a concert in Louisville.  Tennessee police stopped Webbie, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his rental car, and found 2 ounces of marijuana and a cardboard box containing $13,000.

While you would most likely think the cops charged the 25 year-old rapper with possession,  he was “charged with possession of schedule VI with intent to manufacture, sale or deliver and tampering with evidence.   His bond was set at $21,000.”   The tampering with evidence charge is sort of ridiculous because it stems from the rapper possibly throwing weed out of his window.  Another passenger was caught with a .357 handgun and subsequently charged with “intent to go armed” while the car’s driver was charged with driving with a suspended license.