Lil Wayne’s Documentary

Super producer/ director QD3 is getting ready to release a new documentary featuring the people’s favorite Lil Wayne. The feature documentary entitled “The Carter”, focuses on the life of Lil Wayne. Shortly after the film was completed, Weezy filed a lawsuit over “scandalous portrayal” and stated that he was supposed to receive final approval over the film before its showing and that some footage could be detrimental to his reputation and career…in particular him sipping syrup throughout the film. The case eventually was rejected. QD3 says regarding the new film:

“The main thing that the documentary shows… I think a lot of people would imagine that Wayne is hanging out in clubs with a bunch of women and drinking champagne and that sort of thing. But I would say the main thing you learn when you watch the film is that Wayne is a workaholic. Straight up. After seeing this I think a lot of people will respect his process a lot more. We were with him like 7 or 8 months before he went platinum and then maybe two months after. That’s the period we were shooting him for and I remember one day when he got a text from Sylvia Rhone that he went platinum, he was like, “O.K.” He didn’t even flinch. He was “O.K., cool” and “get off my bus, I gotta record.”

His whole thing is he’s like tireless worker and a lot of people will be very surprised how he’s 100% dedicated to his craft and he’s also daring like when he’s on stage and in the studio, like there’s no boundaries for him creatively. I think when people see it they’re gonna have a whole different type of respect for him seeing him so young and successful yet staying truly focused on being good and becoming better. That’s the main thing and it’s not a whole lot of ego or fanfare about who he is as a star in the film at all. Wayne stays on his bus and he’s got a recording studio up there and that’s his life. So even if he pulls up at a hotel, sometimes he’ll be on the bus just to record.

I really gained a lot of respect for him in that regard in terms of how he approaches his records and then how hard he works. I would have to say…I worked with Tupac a lot and I feel like he may end up with a bigger catalogue than Tupac if he hasn’t already. That kid works, he’s a hard worker, super focused and doesn’t get caught up in the industry like that. He just stays in the studio all the time.”

There’s still no word on when the film is set to be released, but especially since Weezy is going to jail, definitely go cop that!


“Before I Self Destruct” Tracklist

The preorder  for 50’s highly anticipated “Before I Self Destruct” was posted on iTunes today and included the tracklisting for the album. It includes 16 tracks and 3 bonus tracks. The album is available in stores on “Super Monday”, November 23rd.

1. The Invitation
2. Then Days Went By
3. Death To My Enemies
4. So Disrespectful
5. Psycho
6. Hold Me Down
7. Crime Wave
8. Stretch
9. Strong Enough
10. Get It Hot
11. Gangsta’s Delight
12. I Got Swag
13. Baby By Me (feat. NeYo)
14. Do You Think About Me
15. Ok, You’re Right
16. Could’ve Been you
17. Flight 187 (Bonus Track)
18. Baby By Me (Bonus Track)
19. Man’s World (Bonus Track)


Beanie Dissing Jay-Z?

Beanie Sigel performed at the Powerhouse show in Philly on friday and allegedly tried to play his former boss Jay-Z.  Everybody is accusing Beanie of taking some subliminal jabs at Hov ever since the footage of Jadakiss bringing Beans on stage during his set at the show.

Miss Info even posted on her twitter “uh oh…Beanie just spit a subliminal diss towards Jay-Z at the Powerhouse Philly concert?” Beanie reportedly spit his own version of Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3” intro, changing the lyrics that caused the controversy.

I think people are taking this way out of proportion and now it’s coming out that Beans wasn’t talking about Jay at all, but was referring to another unknown Philly rapper that performed earlier that night.