|  October 24, 2008













I am still not sure if this is a joke or not, but Puffy is allegedly getting all Papal on us this year at Halloween and dressing up as the Pope.’

Now let’s just see if there are any similarities between the two before we jump to any conclusions as we know what this guys ego is like.

FAMILY LIFE – Well yes they both head up their own family per say, Puffy overlooks Badboy, a collection of B and C list rappers and singers, the Pope he heads up the Roman Catholic church, the biggest sect of the Christian faith.

THE ITALIAN CONNECTION – Well Diddy just appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue (the men’s edition), the Pope, well he has his own state in Italy, the Vatican City.

FAVE COLOR – One thing in common they do have is the Pope often wears white robes, Diddy often throws White Parties.

KISSING – The Pope has a tendency to kiss the ground in every country he visits where as Diddy would be more inclined to have people kiss his ass before he kissed any ground especially when we see what he nearly stepped into the other day.

JEWELRY – Both men wear rings on their fingers, Puffy usually sports a rock  to the value of the national debt of some of out third world countries and the Pope, well he opts for a more subtle gold number which is called the Ring of the Fisherman which people look to kiss as a sign of respect for the Pope and their faith. Try to kiss Diddy’s ring and well you will probably see his security coming at you.

MARRIAGE – Neither of these guys are married, one out of choice and one, well he can’t make his mind up which chick to pick.

Perhaps Diddy has more in common with the Pope than we think 🙂
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