Who’s In DJ Premier’s Dream Cypher?

 |  December 2, 2011

DJ Premier did this quick interview with VLADTV and answered the questions of who is his favorite producer and who would be included in his dream cypher. His answers, Marley Marl and Rick Ruben, and for the cypher, pretty much every classic rapper,

“Definitely Rakim, definitely KRS-One, even though he’s done it before, but in my ultimate cipher, definitely Chuck D. Ice Cube, even though he’s done it, but again, [this is] just excluding the whole BET thing,” he said. “I’d like Dr. Dre in a cipher. I know he doesn’t really do the writing, but he’s so dope when he delivers and he knows how to put the right attitude [on the words]. Everybody from the D.O.C. to [MC] Ren to Ice Cube, whenever they write for him, he completely turns it into Dre, where it feels like the entire lyrics are his. I like to see Jay-Z in a cipher, Nas, of course, and Bumpy Knuckles. Guru would’ve loved it, Guru loved to rhyme, so he’s automatic.”