I remember Ron Artest felt dismayed over not having a shoe deal way back when he was a star in Indiana. Ron’s eccentric way of thinking lead him to wear mismatching pairs of sneakers from Nike, Reebok, Adidas and even Dada’s nasty ass Sprees during the ’04 All Star Game. By his estimation, he thought that the respective companies would take notice and help him realize his pursuit of his coveted payday.

Now Ron isn’t the defender he used to be. But his “what the hell”-worthy behavior won the hearts of some artsy types in Toronto. They eventually dedicated a whole gallery to one of the NBA’s most oddest, entertaining personalities titled “Lovable Badass.” The Basketball Jones were on hand to catch the event and even Mr. “Say Queensbridge” stopped by to take a look for himself.

I can’t say I expected Ron to be honored with his very own art gallery anytime soon. But it’s an unconventional tribute for an unconventional player. I guess you could say it’s fitting.

TBJ: Ron Artest crashes Ron Artest exhibit from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.