Cordae is back.

YBN Cordae is arguably the most lyrically-inclined artist out of the YBN camp–home to fellow young upstarts, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay. In addition to leaving his fingerprints all over the 2018 YBN: The Mixtape release, Cordae made a strong case last year for being this generation’s bridge between the old and new heads, mainly through his hit single, “Old niggas”–a response to J. Cole’s divisive “1985”.

Now that Cordae has established himself as a link between these often opposing musical mentalities, having a foot firmly rooted in both camps, he’s continuing shouldering this responsibility by releasing his first 2019 single, “Locationships”.

It seems like Cordae is poised for an explosive year, and “Locationships” is the gasoline dousing his musical tinderbox.  

Listen to “Locationships” below: