Boosie Gets The Green Light Special

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Boosie has some simulated sex with Lola Monroe, but in all seriousness Boosie is fighting for his life right now.  According to

  • As many of you know Torence Hatch AKA Lil Boosie has been indicted on First Degree Murder charges in the state of Louisiana. This charge carries a maximum sentence of the death penalty, and the prosecutor has boasted of this as a death penalty case.  Please keep in mind that there is virtually no credible evidence in this case; no murder weapon, no evidence of money exchanged, and no known motive. The state’s case is based entirely on the word of one individual with a very extensive criminal record, and has been offered a “deal” for reduced time in jail in exchange for implicating that Boosie was the mastermind behind this murder.

    Referring to this as a death penalty case is a disgrace to the American Justice System, and this case has the ability to set a dangerous precedent for the right’s of Louisiana’s citizens.