Bow Wow and Omarion Join Forces for Duet Disc

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By: Rizoh

      Omarion and Bow Wow have announced that they will team up for a new “Best of Both Worlds” collaborative album due out before the end of the year.

      Bow Wow told Billboard that he’s set to hit the studio with Omarion before the end of May. “Me and O have been trying to put this together for so many years, and now we’ve got the opportunity to do it,” said Bow Wow. “We’re in the creative process right now, still trying to come up with a title and everything. Me and him are coming up with ideas daily, so the process is gonna go real smooth. We’re anxious to get in the studio together and make this whole thing happen.”

      Bow Wow recently launched his own label, LBW Entertainment, which features new artists Lil’ Miss Nana, Khleo Thomas, and Young Jinsu.