Bow Wow Gets Emotional…

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So last night Bow Wow became the laughing stock of Twitter worldwide.  A fake tweet from the rapper spurned one of the funniest, yet harsh, trending topics of the night. The fake tweet stated: “Haters can say wut they want. I bet u can’t name another rapper-turned-actor better than me!”  Soon after, twitter enthusiasts came together and quickly responded by naming all the rapper-turned-actors that are clearly better than Bow Wow. Thus creating #rappersturnedactorsbetterthanbowwow. It wasn’t only trending, it was number one. Ouch!

Bow Wow was (obviously) upset at this unanimous option that he tweeted:

Since mafukas wanna be pussy’s and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter. You can thank the dumb fu*ks for it!

Deep! Well his account hasn’t been deactivated, but he hasn’t tweeted since. I wonder if he can hold onto his “promise,” or will he just return to twitter talking about how he doesn’t care what people think? (because its quite obvious that he does!)