Brandy Sued Again…and Again for “Wrongful Death”

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By: Rizoh

      Brandy has denied “wrongful death” charges leveled against her by the relatives of the woman who died of injuries suffered in a four-car collision that the plaintiffs claim was caused by Ms. Norwood.

      According to Showbiz Spy, Brandy was hit with yet another lawsuit relating to the same accident. This time, Mallory Ham—one of the survivors of the California crash—is stating that Brandy should not have been speeding in her Range Rover.

      Three more lawsuits have been piled up against the embattled R&B singer: one by the deceased(Aboudihaj)’s parents, one representing her two children, and another by her husband.

      In her latest court documents, Brandy denied the charges and asserted her Fifth Amendment privilege to not incriminate herself and requests a jury trial.


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