BREAKING NEWS: R. Kelly Found NOT Guilty

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by AF

According to the AP, it took less than a day for a jury to acquit R.Kelly on all counts of child pornography. Kelly dabbed his face with a handkerchief and hugged each of his four attorneys after the verdict was read.

I guess Friday the 13th is a lucky day for R. Kelly


  1. how the fuck did he beat that !? I’m nobodys hater but I thought that wouldve fried him for that shit. They out here locking up niggas tryin to get money but they lettin grown ass men pee on litte girl? I guess with money you can damn near do anything

  2. wtf one less, if you did the crime you do the f time! he did the crime so why should he be free! i know theres some grown as little girls out there, aka jail bait. everything was against him so wtf happend. like wu say c.r.e.a.m!

  3. I can’t believe they let this nigga off. It shows wit money u can damn near beat anything. I don’t knock him but he fuckin taped the shit!!!!

  4. like fifthy say my money make shit go away so be surprized but we ll bangin one of his remixs next month that nigga drop a platinum record every year sense the pissy pissy tape came out so i say this to all its good see that money can by u freedom.

  5. Yo real talk reight now…If every black man in the U.S. was fuckin and pissing on 15 yr old girls they all need to have they black ass locked up cuzzo. I got a 15yr old daughter and ill kill a grown nigga for just lookin at her crazy,this niggas is sick and munipulating. he paid a lil girl to fuck fam. yo if you happy for this shit black or white male or female, kill yourself

  6. this is sad and is another example of how broken our system is.In 2008 you can fuck and piss on lil girls while you pay them on camera and you can shoot niggas 50 times and leave em in the street. I cant be happy for none of that

  7. man dat nigga is guilty he jus like micheal j. i agree wit neversleep if dat wuz a white girl dey wouldve locked dat fool up in a quick min. i respect him as an artist but as a person, i wouldnt even spit towards his way, he probably paid dat chick not to talk…dey need to start puttin deez pussy ass actors and music artist behind bars and not the ppl dats tryin to make a livin

  8. wuts wrong wit ppl deez days, money drives ppl crazy this fool is guilty i dont care what everybody say we all kno thats him…..tisk tisk where is our ppl headed to

  9. Well, well. To be real as everyone claims to b, money ain’t no joke. I mean that green thing. Not kells. Man it seems as if the richer you get the more shit you want and do get away with. I wonder why we celebrate when a black man get off. It don’t make sense. If we as men held each other accountable for all our actions this world would be a much better place

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